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Группа авторов Drug Discovery Research - xn----7sblccdzof4ax.xn--p1ai

Группа авторов Exploiting Chemical Diversity for Drug Discovery

Группа авторов Biomarkers in Drug Discovery and Development

Группа авторов Successful Drug Discovery, Volume 5

Группа авторов Macrocycles in Drug Discovery

Группа авторов Structure-Based Drug Discovery

Группа авторов Poisonous Plants and Phytochemicals in Drug Discovery

Группа авторов Guide to Paediatric Drug Development and Clinical Research

Группа авторов Molecular Pathology in Drug Discovery and Development

Covers powerful new tools for drug development Molecular pathology offers tools and techniques that can greatly enhance the drug discovery and development process, helping to make the promises of personalized medicine a reality. Molecular Pathology in Drug Discovery and Development provides an unmatched guide to this cutting-edge discipline and its applications to pharmaceutical science. With contributions from leading lights in drug discovery, drug development, and molecular pathology balanced by a consistent editorial approach, this reference offers both an overview of molecular pathology and a close look at the methods as they are applied to the process of drug discovery and development. Presented as steps in the drug development process, the coverage includes the use of molecular pathology to: Identify and validate new drug candidates Enhance transcriptional profiling to better find and validate biomarkers Assess toxicology Employ toxicogenomics to identify genes relevant to the safety of compounds Identify correct doses for different drugs Identify patients for treatment Develop molecular therapies Further the new techniques of Immunohistochemistry and Immunofluorescence With many tests and treatments already working today, drug research and development using molecular pathology has shown itself an extremely fruitful area. Molecular Pathology in Drug Discovery and Development gives practitioners an up-to-date resource on this highly active discipline and its role in furthering pharmaceutical research.

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Jens-Uwe Peters Polypharmacology in Drug Discovery

An essential outline of the main facets of polypharmacology in drug discovery research Extending drug discovery opportunities beyond the «one drug, one target» philosophy, a polypharmacological approach to the treatment of complex diseases is emerging as a hot topic in both industry and academic research. Polypharmacology in Drug Discovery presents an overview of the various facets of polypharmacology and how it can be applied as an innovative concept for developing medicines for treating bacterial infections, epilepsy, cancer, psychiatric disorders, and more. Filled with a collection of instructive case studies that reinforce the material and illuminate the subject, this practical guide: Covers the two-sided nature of polypharmacology—its contribution to adverse drug reactions and its benefit in certain therapeutic drug classes Addresses the important topic of polypharmacology in drug discovery, a subject that has not been thoroughly covered outside of scattered journal articles Overviews state-of-the-art approaches and developments to help readers understand concepts and issues related to polypharmacology Fosters interdisciplinary drug discovery research by embracing computational, synthetic, in vitro and in vivo pharmacological and clinical aspects of polypharmacology A clear road map for helping readers successfully navigate around the problems involved with promiscuous ligands and targets, Polypharmacology in Drug Discovery provides real examples, in-depth explanations and discussions, and detailed reviews and opinions to spark inspiration for new drug discovery projects.

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Группа авторов Drug Design

Серрата :: Инструкция :: Цена :: Описание препарата

Фармакологическая группа; Наименование: Серрата (Serrata) Состав 1 таблетка, покрытая кишечнорастворимой оболочкой, содержит: Серратиопептидаза – 10 мг. Вспомогательные вещества. Фармакологическое действие Препарат со�

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Кабмин обязал авторов законопроекта доработать его до рассмотрения в Госдуме России . 1 день Главные новости. Харламов резко раскритиковал новые правила в Instagram «Хм, первые звоночки для меня, ребята. Не хотелось бы пр�

Умифеновир — Википедия

Фармакол. группа: иммуномодуляторы, противовирусные средства (по заявлению производителя) АТХ: Фармакокинетика; Биодоступн. 40%: Метаболизм: печень (60 %) Период полувывед. 17—21 ч. Экскреция: с калом: Лекарственные формы; �

Партизаны от Юганск за 01 октября 2021 на Fishki.net

Автор: Dobriy drug. БОЛЬШЕ ПОСТОВ . Телекомментатор Василий Уткин: Венгрия – пример для России. Автор: Dobriy drug. Сотрудники Московского Зоопарка показали, как зимой спят тушканчики. Автор: Krasava. Почему перед сном стоит закрыва

A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows ...

Ralph Baric, Vineet Menachery and colleagues characterize a SARS-like coronavirus circulating in Chinese horseshoe bats to determine its potential to infect primary human airway epithelial cells ...

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Мать года, а может и десятилетия заставила своих сыновей пролезть через шлагбаум – Самые лучшие и интересные видео по теме: В мире, видео, дети на развлекательном портале Fishki.net

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Искали, Группа Сделает, ответственность за Дилерском Бы от Volskwagen, где произошло дтп, сообщил, что "жертв, сотрудники дилерского центра, были быстро выполнены и переданы, осознают, для больниц региона. Всю необходимую ...

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Мозоли – пост на fishki.net

— Вы что с ребенком сделали – Самые лучшие и интересные посты по теме: Дети, мозоли, спорт на развлекательном портале Fishki.net

Группа авторов Drug Discovery Research

Post Genomics Drug Discovery and Research explores and discusses some of the most important topics in post-genomics life and biopharmaceutical sciences. It provides an introduction to the field, outlining examples of many techniques currently used, as well as those still under development, which are important for the research of biopharmaceutical discovery in the post-genomics era. Integrates several developing and cutting-edge technologies and methods like bioinformatics, experimental therapeutics, and molecular recognition Includes discussion on topics such as: computer-aided ligand design; peptide and protein chemistry and synthesis; synthesis of active natural products; and the use of emerging technologies like proteomics, nanotechnology, or bioengineering.

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Lu Chuang Enzyme Inhibition in Drug Discovery and Development. The Good and the Bad

The science and applied approaches of enzyme inhibition in drug discovery and development Offering a unique approach that includes both the pharmacologic and pharmaco-kinetic aspects of enzyme inhibition, Enzyme Inhibition in Drug Discovery and Development examines the scientific concepts and experimental approaches related to enzyme inhibition as applied in drug discovery and drug development. With chapters written by over fifty leading experts in their fields, Enzyme Inhibition in Drug Discovery and Development fosters a cross-fertilization of pharmacology, drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, and toxicology by understanding the «good» inhibitions—desirable pharmacological effects—and «bad» inhibitions—drug–drug interactions and toxicity. The book discusses: The drug discovery process, including drug discovery strategy, medicinal chemistry, analytical chemistry, drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, and safety biomarker assessment The manipulations of drug metabolizing enzymes and transporters as well as the negative consequences, such as drug–drug interactions The inhibition of several major drug target pathways, such as the GPCR pathway, the NFkB pathway, and the ion channel pathway Through this focused, single-source reference on the fundamentals of drug discovery and development, researchers in drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK) will learn and appreciate target biology in drug discovery; discovery biologists and medicinal chemists will also broaden their understanding of DMPK.

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Группа авторов Drug Discovery and Development, Volume 2

From first principles to real-world applications-here is the first comprehensive guide to drug discovery and development Modern drug discovery and development require the collaborative efforts of specialists in a broadarray of scientific, technical, and business disciplines-from biochemistry to molecular biology, organic chemistry to medicinal chemistry, pharmacology to marketing. Yet surprisingly, until now, there were no authoritative references offering a complete, fully integrated picture of the process. The only comprehensive guide of its kind, this groundbreaking two-volume resource provides an overview of the entire sequence of operations involved in drug discovery and develop-?ment-from initial conceptualization to commercialization to clinicians and medical practitioners. Volume 1: Drug Discovery describes all the steps in the discovery process, including conceptualizing a drug, creating a library of candidates for testing, screening candidates for in vitro and in vivo activity, conducting and analyzing the results of clinical trials, and modifying a drug as necessary. Volume 2: Drug Development delves into the nitty-gritty details of optimizing the synthetic route, drug manufacturing, outsourcing, and marketing-including drug coloring and delivery methods. Featuring contributions from a world-class team of experts, Drug Discovery and Development: Features fascinating case studies, including the discovery and development of erythromycin analogs, Tagamet, and Ultiva (remifentanil) Discusses the discovery of medications for bacterial infections, Parkinson's disease, psoriasis, peptic ulcers, atopic dermatitis, asthma, and cancer Includes chapters on combinatorial chemistry, molecular biology-based drug discovery, genomics, and chemogenomics Drug Discovery and Development is an indispensable working resource for industrial chemists, biologists, biochemists, and executives who work in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Группа авторов Natural Products Analysis

This book highlights analytical chemistry instrumentation and practices applied to the analysis of natural products and their complex mixtures, describing techniques for isolating and characterizing natural products. • Applies analytical techniques to natural products research – an area of critical importance to drug discovery • Offers a one-stop shop for most analytical methods: x-ray diffraction, NMR analysis, mass spectrometry, and chemical genetics • Includes coverage of natural products basics and highlights antibacterial research, particularly important as efforts to combat drug resistance gain prominence • Covers instrumental techniques with enough detail for both current practitioners and beginning researchers

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Группа авторов Integrated Strategies for Drug Discovery Using Mass Spectrometry

New strategies and techniques for today's fast-paced discovery process Today, the pressure is on for high-throughput approaches to accelerate the generation, identification, and optimization of molecules with desirable drug properties. As traditional methods of analysis become antiquated, new analytical strategies and techniques are necessary to meet sample throughput requirements and manpower constraints. Among them, mass spectrometry has grown to be a front-line tool throughout drug discovery. Integrated Strategies for Drug Discovery Using Mass Spectrometry provides a thorough review of current analytical approaches, industry practices, and strategies in drug discovery. The topics represent current industry benchmarks in specific drug discovery activities that deal with proteomics, biomarker discovery, metabonomic approaches for toxicity screening, lead identification, compound libraries, quantitative bioanalytical support, biotransformation, reactive metabolite characterization, lead optimization, pharmaceutical property profiling, sample preparation strategies, and automation. THIS BOOK: * Clearly explains how drug discovery and mass spectrometry are interconnected * Discusses the uses and limitations of various types of mass spectrometry in various aspects of drug discovery * Prominently features analytical applications that require trace-mixture analysis * Provides industry applications and real-world examples * Shares historical background information on various techniques to aid in the understanding of how and why new methods are now being employed to analyze samples

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Ekins Sean Drug Efficacy, Safety, and Biologics Discovery. Emerging Technologies and Tools

Drug Efficacy, Safety, and Biologics Discovery: Emerging Technologies and Tools covers key emerging technologies in pharmaceutical R & D and how they have substantially impacted (or are currently impacting) drug discovery. The cross-disciplinary collaborations implicit in integrating these technologies with drug discovery operations will fuel the engine for future innovations. This book cuts across the multiple areas of drug discovery, each chapter authored by pioneers in that field, making for a broad appeal to the chemical and biological scientists and technologists involved in drug discovery and development.

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Gerhard Friedrich Müller Chemogenomics in Drug Discovery

Chemogenomics brings together the most powerful concepts in modern chemistry and biology, linking combinatorial chemistry with genomics and proteomics. This first reference devoted to the topic covers all stages of the early drug discovery process, from target selection to compound library and lead design. With the combined expertise of 20 research groups from academia and leading pharmaceutical companies, this is a must-have for every drug developer and medicinal chemist applying the powerful methods of chemogenomics to speed up the drug discovery process.

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Huang Xianhai Case Studies in Modern Drug Discovery and Development

Learn why some drug discovery and development efforts succeed . . . and others fail Written by international experts in drug discovery and development, this book sets forth carefully researched and analyzed case studies of both successful and failed drug discovery and development efforts, enabling medicinal chemists and pharmaceutical scientists to learn from actual examples. Each case study focuses on a particular drug and therapeutic target, guiding readers through the drug discovery and development process, including drug design rationale, structure-activity relationships, pharmacology, drug metabolism, biology, and clinical studies. Case Studies in Modern Drug Discovery and Development begins with an introductory chapter that puts into perspective the underlying issues facing the pharmaceutical industry and provides insight into future research opportunities. Next, there are fourteen detailed case studies, examining: All phases of drug discovery and development from initial idea to commercialization Some of today's most important and life-saving medications Drugs designed for different therapeutic areas such as cardiovascular disease, infection, inflammation, cancer, metabolic syndrome, and allergies Examples of prodrugs and inhaled drugs Reasons why certain drugs failed to advance to market despite major research investments Each chapter ends with a list of references leading to the primary literature. There are also plenty of tables and illustrations to help readers fully understand key concepts, processes, and technologies. Improving the success rate of the drug discovery and development process is paramount to the pharmaceutical industry. With this book as their guide, readers can learn from both successful and unsuccessful efforts in order to apply tested and proven science and technologies that increase the probability of success for new drug discovery and development projects.

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Группа авторов Bioadhesives in Drug Delivery

Группа авторов Chemical Aspects of Drug Delivery Systems

xn----7sblccdzof4ax.xn--p1ai — Каталог цен и описаний на компьютерную и бытовую технику, товары для офис и дома, электронику, товаров для сада и дачи. Мы занимаемся поиском лучших цен в интернет магазинах по всей России, знаем где купить Группа авторов Drug Discovery Research по оптимальной цене в онлайн-магазинах. На нашем сайте xn----7sblccdzof4ax.xn--p1ai предоставлена вся необходимая информация для правильной покупки Группа авторов Drug Discovery Research — фотографии товаров, отзывы пользователей, поиск по модели и производителю, наименованию или модели, инструкции по эксплуатации, а так же экспертные обзоры, сайты предлагающие покупу онлайн с доставкой заказа в ваш город.